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Our aim is to ensure all children reach their full potential! Through our exciting curriculum, we embed children's key skills, develop their knowledge and challenge their understanding. Not only do we encourage children to become independent thinkers, but we provide them with opportunities to work collaboratively. As we are passionate about capturing children's interests and engaging them in their learning, we enrich our curriculum with educational visits, visitors and our 4D Digital Den.



Upcoming Trips

On Wednesday 21st February we have our Roman Soldier workshop in school.

On Friday 23rd March we are going to the Catalyst Museum.



Science Week

What a fantastic week!


We started off the week with an assembly led by Turbo Tom. He showed us how to stay safe when carrying out experiments, that electricity can travel through our bodies and he set his own hand on fire using butane!


After that, we built on our knowledge and understanding of electrical circuits and switches to create our Dancing Jitterbugs. These were very impressive!