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In Year One our aim is to help your child fulfil their potential; to become independent, self-motivated and eager to learn. In order to achieve this we deliver an exciting curriculum, with topics changing every half-term. We believe that we learn best when we can see, hear and experience things first hand and we hope that this page will keep you informed of upcoming events, exciting news and showcase some of the amazing learning that has taken place!


Upcoming trips this half term:

A trip to Rochdale Pioneers Museum as part of History topic 'Toys from the Past' and a visit to All Saints & Martyrs Church for an 'Easter Experience'. 

Details to follow. 



To start Science Week off we enjoyed an assembly by Turbo Tom where we learnt lots of interesting things but most importantly how to stay safe whilst conducting experiments. Firstly we learnt that electricity can travel through our bodies. Then we learnt the terms 'acids' and 'alkalines' and Turbo Tom did an experiment, where he turned cabbage pink and then green! 


After that Neutron Nikki taught us about density and absorption. We carried out an investigation into the density of different liquids. Did you know that oil floats on top of water? Also when we stir pepper it absorbs into the water so that we cannot see it.

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