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We had a fantastic time this week!

It was science week!

Year 2 had a visit from Turbo Tom. He was a Mad Scientist! He taught us how to have fun with Science but more importantly how to stay safe whilst dong it.

First, we made a volcano using Sodium Bicarbonate, washing up liquid and vinegar. We took turns to add the ingredients into a flask, but just as we added the vinegar something happened! It began to fizz up and bubbled out of the flask, just like a volcano.

Next, Turbo Tom showed us how to make our very own pot of slime. Yuk! We used PVA solution, food colouring and Sodium Borate, we weren’t allowed to mix it up until Turbo Tom shouted ‘STIR! STIR! STIR!’ When we stopped stirring, our mixture was gloopy and slimy.

We had lots of fun with science!

Chinese New Year

On 8th February 2017, we had a very special visitor in our school. She showed us how to celebrate the Chinese New Year, by helping us to make a decorative plate using the traditional Chinese lucky colours of red and gold. The plates were printed with a Chinese dragon with the words ‘Chinese New Year’ underneath. We worked carefully and slowly to make our plates look beautiful. Whilst painting our plates we listened to traditional Chinese music to help us stay calm and relaxed.

Next, we were taught two dance routine using delicate fans and parasols to make it look authentic. We then showed the finished dance routines in two groups.

The final and most exciting thing we did today was to take part in a traditional dragon dance, using brightly coloured dragon heads. We moved slowly around the hall, weaving in and out just like a real dragon!

We had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year, finding out lots of new information about different celebrations. We also learnt how the Chinese zodiac was created by the Jade Emperor who held a race to find out which order the years would be named.