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Each half term Nursery and Reception children are immersed into different topics. These topics are all based around stories and help children develop a love of books as well as developing their vocabulary, imagination and engagement in their learning. The teaching and learning experiences being delivered reflect the half termly topics, as does the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.




This half term we will be learning about animals on the farm. We will be listening to and acting out the stories of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We will be having a visit from Bowland farm, where the children will be able to meet and handle the different animals. 






This half term our focus will be the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. As part of our work we will be learning about different farm animals and will be looking at non-fiction books about farms. 

During literacy we will write sentences to describe farm animals and will write character descriptions for characters from traditional tales. We will write shopping lists and menus for our 'Troll cafe' role play area and will write instructions on how to make a sandwich. 


We will continue to use the 'Tales toolkits' to create our own imaginative stories using objects found around the classroom and will begin to record our own stories making our own books. 


In maths we will be continue to work with numbers up to 20 and beyond and will add and subtract using a range of objects and numberlines. 





Each half term Reception and Nursery will be taught around 25 'Tier two' words. These are words that children will hear in the stories and the topics they are learning about but are often a step up from the words they may use themselves when speaking. As well as learning the new words children will also be taught the sign-a-long sign for each of the new words to help them recall the words. 

Please see the table below for the words being taught this half term. 


Reception words Nursery words
tale striaght
daybreak rough
soon tough
meadow grand
agree trembled
shack feared
watch (to keep watch) prowled
packed howled
grin light (opposite to heavy)
trembled appear
replied dreadful
bank (river bank) blew
disappeared climbed
chuckled burglar
cross (movement - to cross a bridge) determined
middle-sized smouldering
greedy vanished
patiently near
cry (said with a cry) danger
glad afraid
rude fear
charged (movement - The goat charged at the troll).  ecstatic
ahead joy
lowered anxious
served deceived





All children within Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and engage in a range of exciting learning opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, math, art, construction and problem solving just to name a few. 












For more information on the Early Years curriculum please visit the link below.