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Each half term Nursery and Reception children are immersed into different topics. These topics are all based around stories and help children develop a love of books as well as developing their vocabulary, imagination and engagement in their learning. The teaching and learning experiences being delivered reflect the half termly topics, as does the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.





This half term we will be learning about people who help us. We will be reading the book ‘Emergency!’. We will be learning about the different jobs people do, focusing mainly on the emergency services.  We would also like to talk to the children about the jobs people do in their family so if you have any photos you would like to share please send them in. We are looking forward to having visits from the Police and Fire service this term.





This half term Reception will be learning all about Superheroes. Children will be reading the story 'Charlie's Superhero Underpants' and will be completing superhero missions. Children will learn about 'real life' superheroes such as firefighters, doctors, nurses and police officers and will have the opportunity to think about what they want to be when they grow up.

On the lead up to Christmas children will begin to learn about the story of the Nativity and will begin to prepare for their very own Nativity performance. 

Reception children will also learn all about winter and will look at changes in the environment and weather during November and December. 





All children within Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and engage in a range of exciting learning opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, math, art, construction and problem solving just to name a few. 












For more information on the Early Years curriculum please visit the link below.