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Each half term Nursery and Reception children are immersed into different topics. These topics are all based around stories and help children develop a love of books as well as developing their vocabulary, imagination and engagement in their learning. The teaching and learning experiences being delivered reflect the half termly topics, as does the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.




 Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are now read for some more super learning adventures!

The Curriculum

This half term we will be learning about minibeasts and plant growth. We will be reading the very popular stories, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’.

Our targets

Communication and Language

This half term we will be learning to:

1. Continue to talk in sentences using the words ‘and’ and ‘because’.

2. Talk about something that has happened in the correct order (first, next, after that and in the end).

3. We will also be learning to ask questions such as who, what, when and how.




This half term I will be learning to:

1. Recognise & identify numbers and count to 10 and beyond.

2. Form numbers correctly.




Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term I will be learning to:

1. Understand feelings and help others when they are upset.

2. Being independent and having a go at things by myself.

3. Healthy eating and being safe in the environment.



Physical Development

This half term I will be learning to:

1. Hold my pencil and scissors correctly.

2. Practice writing my name and forming all the

letters correctly.

3. Writing letters and talking about what I have written.






This half term we will be learning all about dinosaurs!

We will learn the names of different dinosaurs and find out about their features. We will learn about the diets of different dinosaurs and begin to understand the term 'extinct'. We will have a visit from a palaeontologist and use what we have learned from the visit to take on the role of a palaeontologist in our dinosaur role play areas. 

We will read the story 'How to grow a dinosaur' and investigate where dinosaurs came from. We will begin to talk about 'growth' and will learn about the lifecycles of plants, animals and insects. 






Each half term Reception and Nursery will be taught around 25 'Tier two' words. These are words that children will hear in the stories and the topics they are learning about but are often a step up from the words they may use themselves when speaking. As well as learning the new words children will also be taught the sign-a-long sign for each of the new words to help them recall the words. 

Please see the table below for the words being taught this half term. 


Reception words Nursery words
detest light
peculiar little
colossal lay
terrifying egg
content pop
gasps (gasped) tiny
identify hungry
features cocoon
select warm
ravenous built
agile nibbled
vicious pushed
roam piece
grim slice
murmured ate
yelled beautiful
delight salami
herbivore swiss cheese
carnivore caterpillar
omnivore astonished
frustrated  worried
weak nauseous
predict poorly
prowl exhausted
edible satisfied





All children within Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and engage in a range of exciting learning opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, math, art, construction and problem solving just to name a few. 












For more information on the Early Years curriculum please visit the link below.