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Making Cam toys


As part of our design and technology work, this week we have been creating cam toys. Cam toys are toys which rely on a cam to make the different parts of the toy move. These toys can be very simple (with one cam and one moving part) or extremely complicated (lots of moving parts and cams). Before making our own cam toys, we researched how they worked and spent time designing what we wanted our cam toys to look like. You can see some pictures of our finished products on the gallery page.

Stockport Air Raid Shelters


This week, Year 5 had the chance to visit Stockport Air Raid Shelter to support our learning about WW2. When we arrived, we were greeted by two ladies who were expected to receive six evacuees - not 85! From there, we were shown how to correctly put on a gas mask (a vital skill during the war) and how we could be helpful to our host families. In the afternoon, we visited the air raid shelter to gain a first hand experience of what an air raid would have been like during the war. We all absolutely loved our visit. Click on the gallery to view images from our day.

Class learning – Summer Term



We will be using our World War 2 topic, particularly our research about Noor Inayat Khan as the stimulus to write a newspaper report. We will also be reading Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ and using this as a basis for descriptive writing.

Our focus during reading comprehension is to accurately support answers with evidence from the text. We will be focussing on using PEE (Point, Evidence and Explanation). You can help by asking your child to find you key facts about the text they are reading and providing evidence from the text to support their answers.



We will continue to develop our learning of the four number operations (addition/subtraction/multiplication and division) by applying them to multistep word problems. We will also be working on securing the understanding of fractions, measure and time.

Follow the link below to find a list of websites which may be useful to support your child’s understanding of time:

Times tables are still a key focus and you should your test your child regularly so they can earn their badges. The target for all children is to have their Platinum badge by the end of the summer term. Every child in year 5 has access to a website/app called ‘Times Table Rockstars’. For children who use this app regularly, we have noticed a significant improvement in their recall of multiplication and division facts.


Our Science topic for this half term will be ‘reproduction and change’.This will include the physical and emotional changes experienced during puberty. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please speak to your child’s class teacher. During the second half term, we will move on to our topic of ‘plant and animal lifecycles’.


In history, we will be continuing our World War 2 study building up an understanding of the experiences of evacuee, rationing and how the war affected Jewish people.  Why not get yourself prepared and research five facts? Bring them in to share with your teacher and your class!


Check out the website links below to help you:


In design and technology, we are making moving toys using cam mechanisms and the RE topic is ‘Community in Islam’.



This half term’s trip will be to Stockport Air Raid Shelter as part of our work on World War 2. Children will learn about the experiences of an evacuee through workshops with members of staff ‘in character’. The children will also visit the air raid shelter to gain first-hand experience of what it would have been like during an air raid. This trip has been a favourite for Year 5 children in the past and we expect this year to be no different!

Year 5’s Easter Experience

To support our Religious Education topic on Christianity, we visited All Saints and Martyrs Church to take part in the Easter Experience. As part of our morning, we learnt about the key events of Holy Week leading up to Jesus’ death on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday. The children really enjoyed their visit and were a credit to Bowlee Park. You can see some images from our visit below:

Science Week

This Monday marked the start of Bowlee Park’s Science Week. We started science week with an assembly led by ‘Turbo Tom’. Turbo Tom shared lots of fascinating science experiments with the children. Firstly, we learnt about acids and alkalines where Turbo Tom turned a cabbage pink and then Green. We also learnt about the famous scientist, Nikola Tesla, and his invention – the Tesla coil. As part of this experiment, Turbo Tom showed that electricity can travel through our bodies!

Here are some pictures of our fantastic science assembly:


To follow on from our Science Week assembly, we completed workshops in our classes. Year 5’s workshop was based around rockets. We learnt about Apollo 11 and the rockets which propelled it to the Moon.  We then made our own rockets and were challenged to see whose rocket could travel the further. You can watch a video of one of our launches below:

World Book Day

After World Book Day/Character Day was delayed due to snow, we were eventually able to celebrate our favourite books this Friday. Children in Year 5 came in dressed as their favourite book characters. Even the Year 5 staff dressed up! How many characters can you guess in the pictures below?

Prodigy Maths


All children in Year 5 now have access to an online website called ‘Prodigy Maths’. Prodigy maths is a free, adaptive maths game for Key Stage 2 that integrates maths reasoning and arithmetic into a role-playing game using a Pokemon-style wizardry theme. Children will all have received a leaflet with their username and password and can use the website as much as they want.

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