School Council


Welcome to Bowlee Park's School Council Page. Everything on this page is decided and written by the children on the School Council.

School Council is a group of children from Bowlee Park from Year 2 upto Year 6 who meet regularly to discuss our school and ways to make it a happier and better place to learn. Our plan for this year is to introduce a ‘Playground Pals’ scheme in KS2

At the beginning of the year, each class voted for their school councillor.   The elected school councillors meet weekly with Ms Gorton to plan events to improve school. They work in action teams, at the close of this academic year they have successfully ran three shops and raised over £200 towards school council budget which pays for training of playground pals and future projects. On the 7th July they held an 'Own clothes colour day' which raised £469.70 for the I love Manchester fund.


Last week, they held their second Bowlee's got talents shows which showcased the talents of almost 100 pupils from Years 1 to 6 and was enjoyed by the whole school.


Our school council have been simply amazing this year, well done!!