Adverse Weather

The council’s website is the single point of reference drawing together the latest and most accurate information on all services affected by snow or severe weather, including school closures.


The Policy at Bowlee Park Primary School for Adverse Weather Conditions

During the winter months we may experience adverse weather conditions, in such cases please follow this policy. School will remain open wherever possible and staff will be expected to attend work as usual. However, where there are adverse road conditions some staff may be late arriving and the start of the school day may be affected. We expect all children to attend school as usual when school is open, even on snowy days.

At the start of the school day

  • The Head teacher will make a decision based on local conditions as to whether it is safe to open the school.
  • If the school is closed, a message will be posted on the school website as soon as possible.
  • Please check this regularly for further updates.
  • We will use the texting service ‘Teachers2Parents’ to send all parents a text to inform them of school closure/opening. You will only receive a text if we have your mobile number. Please ensure this is kept up to date.
  • We will leave a message on the school telephone answering machine.
  • School closures will also be posted on the Rochdale Council website;

During the school day

  • Once a decision has been made to open the school it will stay open that day.
  • If the weather becomes severe during the day, school may contact parents using the texting service to advising them to collect their child early for safety reasons. Collection of children will be from 1.30pm onwards (i.e. after lunch).The school will remain open until 3.30pm.
  • If parents are delayed due to adverse weather conditions then they should contact the school as soon as possible to give an anticipated arrival time.
  • Children will always continue to be supervised until a parent/carer is able to collect them.
  • Further texts will be sent as required to keep parents up to date.

Please note that Rochdale Council and DfE policy states that head teachers have to consider all risks, including levels of supervision for children, risks for staff and children of serious injury in school or travelling to school, minor slips and bumps, risks associated with worsening conditions and staff and children being unable to get home etc., against disruption to children's learning. We do hope this makes clear our policy for adverse weather at Bowlee Park Community Primary School and we would ask that you keep this letter for future reference throughout the winter months.

Thank you

A Hartshorne