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In Writing, children will develop an understanding of the features and style of instruction texts. They will use persuasive language, detail and a range of Key Stage 2 punctuation to ensure their instructions are clear and concise. Later in the term, we will focus on narrative writing where the children will use their own creative ideas to entice their audience to read on.


In grammar lessons, the children will consolidate their understanding of key grammatical features which they will need to use within their writing. They will also need to learn these terms and recognise them to answer grammar specific questions.


In comprehension lessons, the children will read a range of genres and comprehension questions types. They will be taught strategies to answer each. Please hear your child read aloud regularly and encourage them to read every night for at least 20 minutes.


Initially, the children will focus on improving their basic number skills, and reinforcing their knowledge of times tables and place value. During this term, we will be revising the four operations and standard written methods to solve a variety of calculations. There is also a focus on problem solving and building strategies to aid children. To help your children, at home, please test them on number bonds, doubles and halves, telling the time and times table facts.


In Science, the children will be learning about evolution and inheritance. They will complete many different experiments and investigations to develop their understanding of the living world and how animals adapt to their surroundings.

Our second topic will be ‘Light’. In this unit, the children will learn how light appears to travel in straight lines and how we are able to see. There will be many practical activities during this topic where children can investigate reflection, shadows and refraction.  

Foundation Subjects

Our first topic will be a geography based topic – South America. We will be begin by understanding what the Amazon is, where it is located and how the native animals have adapted to the climate. We will study what life is like in the Amazon and how it is changing. Furthermore, we will identify how the Amazon is being damaged and what we can do to protect it.

We will then move on to our history topic where the children will study the Maya. They will learn where the Mayans came from, discover when they lived and why they were a mystery to the world. They will develop an understanding of the legacies that the Maya left behind and how their religion and technology developed.


Our first topic is ‘Me and My Relationships’. We will look at what peer pressure is and how to use assertive behaviours in order to resist it. We will also look at the ways in which people show their commitment to others and how to act appropriately and respectfully towards others.

Our second topic is ‘Valuing Difference’. We will focus on understanding that discriminatory behaviour can result from disrespect of people’s differences and we will look at the benefits of living in a diverse society.


In RE, the children will be considering what matters most to Christians and to Humanists. They will begin to understand what a Code for Living is and will create their own code to help the world. The children will develop an awareness of Humanism and how this differs from Christianity. They will discuss values they deem to be good and bad before deciding whether peace is more valuable than money.


This half term, Year 6 will be using the programming language ‘Python’ to create designs and simple pictures. They will build on their prior knowledge of block coding and learn how to create loops and nested loops to make their codes more efficient.