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Fri 11.9.20



Here is today's timetable:

9am - P.E.

9:30am - English 

10:30am - Break

10:45am - Writing

11:15am - Maths

12:15pm - Lunch 

1:00pm - Reading

1:15pm Science

2:15pm - Storytime 

9:00am P.E. (30mins)

Click here to access your daily P.E. lesson:


Body Coach P.E. 


9:30am English (1 hour)

Today's English lesson will begin with our daily phonics lesson. Please look in the green book sent home with your child to see whether you should watch the Set 1 Sounds or Set 2 Sounds lesson. 


Click below on the correct video

Set 1 Speed Sounds Lesson (Part One)

An easy to follow video for Early Years children learning their initial letter sounds with clear pronunciation and a chance to hear and say the sounds. #earl...

Set 1 Speed Sound Lesson (Part Two)

Still image for this video

Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson (Part One)

Still image for this video

Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson (Part Two)

Still image for this video
Now your child needs to complete their spelling practise. Your child can complete this in their green writing book. 

10:30am Break


10:45am Writing 

Our key text for this half term is Beegu. Watch the story here:  


Animation based on the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon created for my second year modelmaking degree Animation and Production by Paul Coley, Music by Sam White...

Your child now needs to complete some sentence writing. They need to do this in their green writing book and write three sentences to describe the character Beegu.

When describing Beegu try and use some adjectives in your sentences and remember to use a capital letter at the beginning, finger gaps, to fred talk their words and use a full stop at the end. Remember to form your letters correctly by using our handwriting guide that was provided in your pack. 

11:15am Maths



This week's focus is counting forwards and backwards to 10. Watch the video below and join in. 

Once you have finished practise writing your numbers 1-10 and then 10-1 in your red maths book. 

Count Forwards and Backward from 10 | Number Songs | Children Love to Sing

Learn to count forwards and backwards from 10 with Children Love to Sin!. Learn number patterns the fun and easy way, Great for kids! šŸŽµSubscribe: http://www....

Today's maths focus is taking away by crossing out. Follow the slides to find out how we can do this:

Once you have completed today's maths lesson, log on to Mathletics (username and password are in your reading record and complete the activity).


12:15pm Lunch


1:00pm Reading

Now for 10mins your child needs to read their reading book. Please log onto Bug Books to access a book to read. 


1:15pm Science 

Your Science lesson today is to learn about 'Materials'. Before you start this lesson have a look around your home and find some objects made out of different materials. You can use these when following the slides to see if you can match the object to the material it is made out of.  


Below are the slides and worksheet for you to complete:

2:00pm Storytime

Now it is time to enjoy a story. Choose a story book from home that you would like to listen to or you could listen to Beegu again.