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SATs Preparation


Here are some links to websites which will help with SATs preparation. You do not need to pay a subscription, these websites will let you try for free.



At the beginning of May, your children will complete the reading comprehension SATs test. This involves sustained reading (with related questions) for 1 hour. By ensuring that your child focusses on reading for at least 20 minutes at home, you are building the stamina and speed for required for this reading assessment. As year 6 children develop their independence, they are able to sign their own reading record. However we do request that they are heard and questioned by an adult at least twice a week, who can then sign their reading record.


Our reading scheme is based around the Accelerated Reading Programme. This means that your children will bring home a variety of books based on their own individual reading assessment. After reading each book, they will complete a quiz on an I-Pad to assess their understanding. Children choose their own books but we encourage them to try reading lots of different genres. This programme also enables us to identify the number of words that the children have read – hopefully we can have many Word Millionaires by the end of the year.



Homework is given out weekly in both Maths and English with each set receiving homework appropriate to their learning. In English, this is mostly grammar based. In addition to Maths homework, children are encouraged to improve their knowledge and speedy recall of multiplication facts through the TT RockStars app. Another need for quick recall is with square numbers. We have sent home our Square Number Song which can help aid learning of square numbers to 20 x 20 - but we include a copy here too...