We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of our pupils. We expect everyone to share this commitment. View the safeguarding section of our website for more information.

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Late/Absence Procedures

If your child is ill and cannot attend school please ring 0161 654 0257 option 2 before 9 o'clock.


If we have not been notified about a child’s absence, the Attendance Officer will contact parents by telephone and a message will be sent via the Teachers2Parents text system.

A letter will be sent on the first day of absence if no contact has been made.

On the second day of absence it is likely that a home visit will be made.

At the end of the week, if no reason for absence has been received, we will contact the Education Welfare Officer.

Where we have further concerns, it is possible that a referral to Children and Social Care Services may be made.


The school and the Local Authority expect all parents/carers to ensure that their child attends school every day. Absences due to holidays taken during school time hinder academic progress.

Requests for holidays during term time will not be authorised and these absences will be recorded as unauthorised.

Parents taking five or more days’ holiday during one term will receive a Penalty Notice including a fine of £60 per parent per child.

If you believe you have exceptional circumstances for a request please put this in writing to the Head teacher and arrange a meeting via the school office prior to the scheduled holiday.