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Our aim is to ensure all children reach their full potential! Through our exciting curriculum, we embed children's key skills, develop their knowledge and challenge their understanding. Not only do we encourage children to become independent thinkers, but we provide them with opportunities to work collaboratively. As we are passionate about capturing children's interests and engaging them in their learning, we enrich our curriculum with educational visits, visitors and our 4D Digital Den.


Have a look at some of the things we have been doing.



History Week

During History week, we learnt about Edgar Wood, an architect, from Middleton. We used different sources of information to create our own fact files on him, explored his listed buildings and made comparisons between them. Have a look at some of the work we produced.

Science Week

What a fantastic week!

We took part in a number of activities including a a science workshop. We built on our knowledge and understanding of electrical circuits and switches to create our Dancing Jitterbugs. These were very impressive! Have a look below.

We finished the week with our science competition where we had to create a catapult. The winner was the one which launched the sugar cube the furthest! Our winner was Adam Nowak! Well done!

DT Week

In DT we learnt about pneumatic systems. We explored different ways to make them and then selected the most suitable one to create our own moving monsters.

Artist Visit

In the Spring term, we received a visit from the artist, Caren Threfall. We produced silk paintings themed on the Rainforest. Have a look at some of our photos below.

Roman Workshop

In the Spring term, Year 4 took part in a Roman Soldier workshop.  We learnt about key historical events such as the Roman invasion and important figures like Emperor Claudius and Julius Caesar. We took on the role of the Roman soldiers, wore replica armour and explored how the army was so successful. The workshop was full of interesting (and gruesome) facts which extended our knowledge. We had a fantastic time!

Brockholes Nature Reserve

On Monday 15th October, we went to Brockholes Nature Reserve. We took part in number of team building activities. These included:


Pond Dipping

When we were pond dipping, we caught a number of different creatures. Each time we emptied out nets into the trays, we used magnifying glasses to look closely at the features of each creature and then used the information charts to identify them. We found leeches, water boatmen, a giant diving beetle and pond snails!


Den Building

This was one of our favourite activities! We had so much fun!   In this activity, we worked together as a group to create our own dens. We collected logs, built our frame and added the finishing touches. Each den was unique; some groups focused on building a shelter that would protect them from the rain whereas others focused on the internal furnishings such as a carpet and seating area. One group even built a sea saw and slide outside their den!


Woodland Games

In this activity, we took part in three different games:

1.        Ninja Stars – this involved throwing wooden ninja stars at specific targets.


2.        Spider’s Web – in this activity, we had to work as a team to get from one side of the   

           web to the other. We were only allowed to pass through each section twice  and we

           were given penalty points if we touched any part of the web. We had to work

           strategically and lift each other through the 'web' in order to be successful. 


3.        Night Line – we had to move around the course blindfolded and climb through the



It was a fantastic day!



All Saints and Martyrs' Church

On Monday 24th September, Year 4 went to All Saints and Martyrs' Church to learn about Baptism. We re-enacted a baptism service, learnt about the importance of Baptism and then had an opportunity to ask questions.