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27th January 2020 - Swimming

This week will be the last swimming lessons for year 4 class 1 and year 4 class 2. The children in these classes have thoroughly enjoyed learning to swim and year 4 class 3 and year 4 class 4 can’t wait to start their lessons next week.

Design Technology

This term’s Design Technology project has been making slingshot cars. We used saws to cut our axles to the correct size and glue guns to glue our chassis together. We then designed the body of our cars on paper focussing on making the shapes produce as little air resistance as possible. At the end of the project, we are going to race our cars to see which will be the fastest.


Year 4 have really been enjoying learning to speak and write French this year.

So far we have learnt

-The numbers to twenty in French

- How to say hello and goodbye in French as well as explain how we are feeling.

- Basic classroom instructions such as stand up and listen.

- How to say your age in French and how to ask someone their age.

- The colours in French and how to say what your favourite colour is.


Why not test your child and see what they can remember?

Ancient Greek Experience

In the second half of the Autumn term, Year 4 became time travellers and visited Ancient Greece. The children had the opportunity to visit four of the most famous city states of Ancient Greece including Sparta and Athens. The children learnt about what each city state was famous for by examining a range of artefacts. They also learnt about the origins of democracy – one of our British values – and took part in a mock Greek trial.

Design Technology

In DT , we learnt about pneumatic systems. We explored different ways to make them and then selected the most suitable one to create our own moving monsters.

Harvest Experience

Today, we went to church to find out more information about harvest. There were five activities for us to complete.

Humility – We discussed how people used to think that John the Baptist was the messiah but he told people it was Jesus. We made a dove to symbolise the baptism of Jesus.

Patience – We learnt that you have to be patient for things to grow. We planted our own bulb and will be patient.

Generosity – We recapped the Passover meal where Jesus refers to his body as bread. We created our own bread dough and shaped it.

Faithfulness – We talked about the Jewish Sukkot. We used fruits to print pictures and hung them in the Sukkah.

Peace – We learnt that Jesus used to fish along the river Jordan. He helped his disciples catch fish. We created a fisherman’s boat.