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Prefect News


Prefects have been enjoying their role and have been welcoming visitors into school.


The Mayor of Rochdale came to visit year 6 on 25th and 26th November and was incredibly impressed with all pupils. 


Here is the feedback we received: 


Good Afternoon

I would just like to say on behalf of the elections office and the Mayor and leader of Rochdale Council Councillor Neil Emmott how much we have enjoyed ourselves over the past 2 days. We were warmly welcomed by the reception staff, the prefects who led us through the huge school, the teachers and most of all the pupils. The debates and questions by the children were very mature and we were all impressed by their behaviour and manners. They are a credit to the staff and the school as an whole.

We would love to work with the school going forward and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Graham Baker

Electoral Services Officer

Legal, Governance & Workforce



Christmas Performances 

Please practise the following poem so that you are ready for your Christmas performance. 


Falling Snow

See the pretty snowflakes Falling from the sky; On the wall and housetops Soft and thick they lie.


On the window ledges, On the branches bare; Now how fast they gather, Filling all the air.


Look into the garden, Where the grass was green; Covered by the snowflakes, Not a blade is seen.


For our current writing topic we are writing a persuasive letter. The children are applying for one of the following roles:

  • Trainee Toy Maker
  • Reindeer Trainer
  • Santa's World Navigator 
  • Santa's Grotto Housekeeper
  • Santa's Mail Co-ordinator 
  • Sleigh Engineer 
  • Santa's Chef 
  • Good List & Naughty List Manager 



The children are writing a covering letter convincing Santa why they would be the perfect elf. 


We are currently studying light. The children will learn that: 

  • Light travels in straight lines 
  • Objects are seen because light reflects from an object into the eye
  • Shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them


After Christmas we will be studying electricity. The children will learn that: 

  • Adding more cells to a complete circuit will make a bulb brighter
  • A battery with a higher voltage will have the same effect
  • Adding more bulbs to a circuit will make each bulb less bright 
  • Turning a switch off breaks the circuit - the circuit will be incomplete and electricity will not flow 
  • Recognised circuit symbols can be used to create circuit diagrams



We are currently studying the fractions. We are learning that denominators must be related when adding or subtracting fractions. Therefore, if they are unrelated we must find the LCM and convert them, using the LCM as the denominator, before we add or subtract them. We are also learning how to multiply and divide fractions. 


The children are currently studying the Maya. 

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