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Each half term Nursery and Reception children are immersed into different topics. These topics are all based around stories and help children develop a love of books as well as developing their vocabulary, imagination and engagement in their learning. The teaching and learning experiences being delivered reflect the half termly topics, as does the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.






This half term we will be learning about all the things we find in the ocean!  We will learn the names of the different animals and find out about their features. We will read the story 'Smiley Shark' by Ruth Galloway, as well as looking for lots of information in non-fiction books about the ocean.  We will visit the Sea life centre to explore all the different sea creatures and develop our knowledge.  I hope you are ready to dive into our exciting new 'under the sea' topic this half term!







Our topic for this half term is ‘Pirates’. We will be looking at the stories of ‘Pirate Piggy Wiggy’ and ‘Portside Pirates’. As part of our work we will be learning about pirates and about what life was like on board a ship! In literacy we will write character descriptions for real life pirates and will write instructions on how to find treasure. In maths we will learn to follow directions and will continue to work with numbers to 20. 



This half term we will also talk about changes. We will talk about and celebrate the changes that children have already experienced and the   progress they have made this year. We will begin to the children for the changes they will experience as they get ready to move to Year 1. We hope children enjoy their last half term in Reception!








Each half term Reception and Nursery will be taught around 25 'Tier two' words. These are words that children will hear in the stories and the topics they are learning about but are often a step up from the words they may use themselves when speaking. As well as learning the new words children will also be taught the sign-a-long sign for each of the new words to help them recall the words. 


This half term we will be reviewing all previously taught words to ensure children have a good understanding of their vocabulary before moving on to their next year group. 





All children within Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and engage in a range of exciting learning opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, math, art, construction and problem solving just to name a few. 












For more information on the Early Years curriculum please visit the link below.