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Each half term Nursery and Reception children are immersed into different topics. These topics are all based around stories and help children develop a love of books as well as developing their vocabulary, imagination and engagement in their learning. The teaching and learning experiences being delivered reflect the half termly topics, as does the learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.








In Nursery this half term we will be exploring animals. We will be focussing on the book Dear Zoo and having lots of discussions about why certain animals are unsuitable pets.

In literacy children will begin to have a greater understanding of stories and how they are structured as we will be incorporating our 'Tales Toolkit' into weekly sessions where stories are broken down into characters, settings, problems and solutions.  Every child will have the opportunity to visit Langley Library over this half term so look out for your invitations.

In maths children will continue to develop their sense of number by counting using 1:1 correspondence and separating sets of objects into groups and knowing they still have the same total. Children will also begin to explore shapes by using language to describe what shapes look like such as round, tall and straight.








This half term, the children will be learning about forests and woodland animals. We will be looking at non-fiction books as well as stories with woodland settings such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are.





This half term we will write labels for features of a forest. We will write sentences to describe characters from the stories ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We will write a wanted poster for the Gruffalo and will use Tales Toolkits to write our own Gruffalo adventure stories. We will be able to sequence pictures from ‘The Gruffalo’ and will be able to talk about the beginning, middle and end of the story using narrative language.






This half term we will be comparing numbers to 10 by finding more and less. We will be learning about 2d and 2d shapes and will begin to describe and shapes. We will use shapes to   create pictures and representations of objects. 





We will learn about specials books such as the Bible and The Quran. We will identify our own favourite books and talk about why they are special to us.


Personal, Social, Emotional Development


 We will continue to learn about relationships. We will begin to learn how to resolve conflicts that may arise when playing with our friends.



Expressive Arts and Design


We will create models and sculptures using natural resources in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.





Each half term Reception and Nursery will be taught around 25 'Tier two' words. These are words that children will hear in the stories and the topics they are learning about but are often a step up from the words they may use themselves when speaking. As well as learning the new words children will also be taught the sign-a-long sign for each of the new words to help them recall the words. 







All children within Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and engage in a range of exciting learning opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, math, art, construction and problem solving just to name a few. 


We have been very fortunate to have had our outdoor area developed over the Summer holidays. We now have a wonderful water wall, sand area, mud kitchen, gravel pit and story telling area.  All children across Nursery and Reception will have the opportunity to experience all areas of the outdoor provision. 




Can you help?


Reception and Nursery staff are looking for reading volunteers to visit classes to read a story to children to help develop a love of reading. You could come and share yours or your child's favourite story or could choose to read one of our many stories from class. You do not need to be an amazing actor/actress or voice impressionist. We are looking for people with a love of reading to share their enthusiasm for stories!

If this sounds like you please speak to one of the Reception or Nursery staff to arrange a time to visit. We look forward to hearing from you! 










For more information on the Early Years curriculum please visit the link below.