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For our current writing topic we are writing a story based on the novel Cosmic by Frank Cottrill Boyce. A young boy is unusually tall for his age and is often mistaken for an adult. We will be creating our own mishap for the boy, focussing on developing our descriptions, showing character in speech and in action.



We are currently studying forces. Over the topic we will look at a number of different forces including gravity and air resistance. We will investigate these forces practically and develop our working scientifically skills in the process. We will also look at levers and pulleys and how these allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.



We are currently studying place value. We are extending our place value knowledge to millions and developing our awareness of the numbers in our number system. We will explore the values of digits in increasingly large numbers; round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or ten thousand; place numbers of number lines and further our knowledge of negative numbers. To support learning at home, it is important that children remain up to date with their Mathletics work.



The children are currently learning about the Anglo-Saxons, specifically considering the question - Were Anglo-Saxon times really a Dark Age?