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Thu 17.9.20

9:00 am - Counting/Timestables (30 minutes)


This week's focus is the four times table.  Listen to the song below and join in if you can. Once you have listened to the four times table song, log on to your TTRockstars account (your username and password are in the back of your reading record) and use 'Garage' to practise.

03 Table Troopers 4 - At the Airport.wma

9:30 am - Maths


Today's maths lesson will focus on solving missing number problems by using the inverse operation. Watch Miss Millar's explanation of how to solve questions like this then complete Column B of your worksheet practising solving missing number problems using the inverse operation.


Once you complete today's maths lesson, log on to Mathletics (username and password in the back of your reading record) and complete the 'Autumn - Number and Place Value - Missing Numbers 1 and 2' activities.

Thursday Maths 17.9.20 .mp4

Still image for this video

10:30 am - Break


10:50 am - English


In Today's English lesson, we will focus on proof-reading and correcting grammatical mistakes in our innovation of the Pied Piper of Hamelin - The Talented Trumpeter of Middleton. Watch the video below to see Mr. Turner guide you through a strategy to edit your work and then apply the same strategy to the paragraphs you have written. Once you are happy with all of your paragraphs, write up your full story onto the paper provided in your home learning pack. Remember to use beautiful, joined handwriting!

Editing Lesson.mp4

Still image for this video

11:50 am - Reading

Please read either your school Accelerated Reader book or if you have finished that, log on to Bug Club (using the link below) and read one of your newly allocated books from the 'my stuff' section. Your username and password are in the back of your reading record. Your school code is 'bowl'.

12:15pm - Lunch


1:15 pm - Art

Today’s foundation lesson will be art. Last week, we looked at artwork by David Hockney. Today, we will look at art by a different artist - Paula Rego. Read through the slides go find out a bit about who Paula Rego was and her artistic style and then answer the questions based on Paula Rego’s - The Dance.

Paula Rego, Sleeping | Art and Design - Your Paintings

2:30 pm - Additional Maths


If you have finished all your other activities for the day, please complete the additional maths activity below.