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Tuesday 15.9.20

Answers to today's work will be uploaded onto this page for you to self mark at 2:30pm. Please check back then so you can self assess. 

Today's Timetable

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If your pack says that you are in 'Diamond Group' then please click the star below now to take you to your home learning work for today. 

9:00am- Maths counting/timestables 


Today's focus is the tens times tables. Watch the video below and join in if you can. 

10 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

9:30am- Maths lesson

In today's maths lesson we are going to be adding and subtracting numbers mentally. Watch Miss Bodkin's explanation on how to solve your questions then complete the activities. There are questions on the flipchart to complete first in your books then a sheet from your pack as an extension. 

Tues maths lesson 7.mp4

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10:30am- Break

If you want to grab some exercise during your break time then watch the video below! 

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 3 | The Body Coach TV

10:50am- Grammar lesson

In today's grammar lesson we are going to be looking at different sentence types; question sentences and statement sentences and deciding what punctuation mark they need- a ? or a . Watch the video below where Miss Bodkin talks about how to use questions marks and full stops then complete the worksheets on ? and . Once you have done these there is also a grammar quiz in your packs for you to complete. Have fun! Come back at 2:30 for the answers to the question marks and full stops worksheet.

Grammar Tues 15th question or full stop.mp4

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11:50am- Reading

Please either read your one of your school books to the person looking after you or if you have finished that you may log onto Bug Club (using the link below) and read one of your allocated books in 'my stuff' section. Don't forget to read the book properly before doing any of the quizzes! Your log in details are at the back of your reading record and the school code when logging in is 'bowl'. 

12:15pm- Lunch

Whilst you're eating your lunch why not listen to a lovely story? Click the link below.

Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine

1:15pm- Science

Today's foundation lesson is Science and we are continuing our topic of forces. In our last lesson we learnt that a force is a 'push' or a 'pull' and when forces act they can create 'friction'. Today we will look at how we measure a force. Follow the link below and work your way through the interactive lesson before completing the quiz at the end.

2:30pm- Additional maths 

If you have finished your work for today and you have some spare time then you can log into Mathletics and start to work through the additional work that Miss Bodkin has set for you on there. You don't have to do it all at once! The work is based on what we have been doing in class on place value and comparing numbers. Your log in details are in the back of your reading records. Follow the link below to Mathletics.