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Art and Design

The art and design curriculum at Bowlee Park School is a curriculum of breadth and ambition. Our curriculum delivers the EYFS Framework and statutory National Curriculum in art and design through a scheme of work called KAPOW. We ensure it meets the individual needs of our pupils and closes any gaps in their knowledge and skills.

Our art and design curriculum is based on developing the eight formal elements of art and design; shape, line, form, tone, texture, pattern, colour and composition. There is also a focus on the art and design skills; drawing, painting, designing, crafting, printing whilst they develop a knowledge of artists who specialise in these skills. Art and design lessons are planned systematically ensuring a carefully sequenced and progressive journey as pupils progress through school. We begin to develop creative work in the EYFS. We relate the children’s creative development to the Early Learning Goals (ELG’s) set out in the Development Matters Framework, which underpin the curriculum planning for children in the early years. We endeavour to make sure that the formal elements of art and art skills ideas are introduced so that the pupils are ready to discover them fully when they reach Year 1 and above.

During Years 1-6 art and design and design and technology are taught in weekly blocks, alternately. During the art and design block, one lesson is taught per week. The formal elements of art and art skills are taught first. These are then embedded through a variety of topics so that pupils consolidate their learning. Our curriculum maximises opportunities for pupils to build on prior learning. Knowledge content is repeated and revisited to ensure that pupils know more and remember more and as they move through school. Pupils make connections to art and design skills previously taught leading to a deeper understanding and strengthening of artistic and design skills.

Cross curricular links are made between art and design and other academic subjects, such as; reading, ICT, maths and science. These are embedded into every art and design lesson by using subject specific language when discussing the art and design skill or process, such as shape etc. Pupils use their reading skills when researching their subject and through the use of different forms of media such as books, non-fiction texts and the internet.