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Rain Gauge


Weather Forecaster- Build a rain gauge

(Ideal for children from Year 1 upwards.)



You will need:

- a large empty plastic bottle with straight sides

-stones or large pieces of gravel

-ruler, sellotape and scissors

-some water


What to do:

1. Ask an adult to cut the bottle about 10cm from its top.

2. Place stones or gravel in the bottom of the bottle until theycome up to the part of the bottle where the sides are straight. This will add weight to keep the gauge still.

3. Tape the ruler to the side of the bottle so that the zero mark on the ruler is a centimetre or two about the stones.

4. Pour enough water into the bottle so that the water level is at the zero mark on the ruler.

5. Take the top of the bottle, turn it upside down, and put it into the bottom portion so that it looks like a funnel and put your gauge in an open area away from trees or buildings.

6. When it has rained, find out how much by using the ruler taped to the side of the bottle.


Additional task: You could measure each day to see how much rain falls over the course of the month.