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Bowlee ParkCommunity Primary School

Success for all

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head teacher

Mrs Hartshorne

Deputy Head

Mrs Hinton

Assistant Head

Mr Fairhurst

Assistant Head

Mrs Metcalfe

Assistant Head

Mrs Smith


Unit One

Year Group Teacher Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Nursery Mrs Mullane Mrs Brown

Mrs Webb

Mrs Abdul Hadi

Nursery Mrs Mills Mrs Marlor Ms Kauser
Reception Class 1 Miss Jones Mrs Nisar Mrs Andrew
Reception Class 2 Miss Bennett Mrs Williams Ms Khatun
Reception Class 3 Mrs Ritchie Mrs Kausar  
Reception Class 4 Miss Allsop Mrs Nolan Mrs Dipnall


Unit Two

Year Group Teacher Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Year One Class One Mrs Fitchett Miss Burgoyne  
Year One Class Two Miss Ball Mrs McHeers Mrs Grimshaw
Year One Class Three Mrs Stanhope Mrs Allonby  
Year One Class Four Mrs Ward-Lynch Miss Affleck  
Year Two Class One Mrs Simpson Miss Wood Miss Corns
Year Two Class Two Miss Hinsley Miss Ballard Mrs Walsh
Year Two Class Three Miss Bodkin Miss Malik  
Year Two Class Four Mrs Staniland Mrs Gaucas  


Unit Three

Year Group Teacher Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Year Three Class One Mr Kavanagh Mrs Wallace  
Year Three Class Two Miss Towey Miss Richards Mrs Taylor
Year Three Class Three Mrs Parker Mrs Evans Mrs McGloughlin
Year Three Class Four Mrs Gorton Mrs Astley  
Year Four Class One Miss Finn Mrs Caygill  
Year Four Class Two Mrs Taylor Mrs Crompton/Mrs Smith  
Year Four Class Three Mrs Greenwood Mrs Hamer  


Unit Four

Year Group Teacher Teaching Assistant Support Staff
Year Five Class One Mrs Addleton Mrs Sherrington Mrs McGloughlin
Year Five Class Two Mr Esa Mrs Simpson Miss Carroll
Year Five Class Three Mr Turner Mr Ashley Mrs Lane
Year Six Class One Mr Sharman Mrs Cawley  
Year Six Class Two Mrs Woodward Mrs McCarthy  
Year Six Class Three Miss Hardwick Mrs McGrady  
Year Six Class Four Mr Shackleton   Mrs Chesters
KS2 Class Four Mrs Brierley Mrs Jones

Mrs Thurm

Miss Khan


School Business Manager:

Mrs Chrimes

Attendance Officer: Mrs Dobson



Mrs Burke


Mrs Holt


Mrs  Martin


Mrs Rose



Mr Walsh

PE Lead

Mr Scott

PE Technician

Mrs Anderson

ICT Manager

Miss Hill

Family Support


Miss Campbell

Family Support


Mr Anderson


Mr Roberston