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Sink or Float?


Sink or float

(Ideal for children from Nursery upwards.)


You will need:

-some objects such as leaves / toys / sticks / balls                   

-a bucket or bowl of water







What to do:

1. Gather some different object from either around the house of from outside in nature when you go walk.


2. Discuss each item with your child and guess whether they think it will float (stay on the surface of the water) or sink and fall to the bottom.


3. Test it out and see what happens when you put them in the water. Talk to your child as they test them, out about why they think each object sinks or floats. The science bit: Things that are denser than water will sink; things that are less dense will float.


Additional task: You could also sort the object into groups according to how they behave in the water.