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Blossoming Beans


Blossoming Beans

(Ideal for children from Year 1 upwards.)


You will need:

- a few raw beans such as kidney, pinto or broad beans that have been soaked in water overnight

- cotton wool balls or kitchen roll

-zip lock bag


What to do:

1. Dip the cotton wool or kitchen roll in water to dampen them and then put into the bottom of the zip lock bag.

2. Put a few beans into the bag next and then close the bag. 

3. Tape the bag to a window and observe what happens each day. You could take a photograph or keep a diary of the changes. The science bit: The bean will start to germinate which means that some roots grow out of the seed. Next a green shoot should start to grow upwards as it looks for light. Within 10 days there should be a small seedling with some leaves. To keep it growing it will need to be transferred to a pot with soil somewhere with plenty of light and watered regularly. 

Additional task: You could try putting beans in different locations around the house to see which ones grow best. You could even try putting it in the dark to see if it will still grow.