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Daily Challenges

Hello, your teachers are going to post daily challenges on this page. If you and your family complete any challenges and you are in Nursery or Reception, please upload a photo onto Tapestry to show us the fantastic learning your are doing at home.

Monday 30th March


Monday- Paper planes  ✈️


Ask a grown up or big brother or sister to show you how to make a paper aeroplane.


Decorate your plane with lots of bright colours then fly it in the hallway or outside. How far does your plane go? Maybe you could have a competition with someone else in your house!


You can measure how far the plane goes using objects (eg the plane goes 5 teddies away), footsteps, strides or use a tape measure


Thursday 26th March


Your teachers are planning a little surprise for tomorrow to get you into that 'Friday feeling'.
Before we reveal all, we need you to do a little job!

Please write an invitation to your favourite teddy/toy or a member of family that lives in your house to invite them to a dance party.

You may even want to create your own party wristbands to gain VIP entry to the special 'party'.
Please keep it safe ready for tomorrow when all will be revealed!
Miss Jones.


Wednesday 25th March


As we know how much you all love listening to stories the grown ups from Nursery and Reception have begun to share daily stories here with you. Over the next few weeks lots of your grown ups from school will choose some of their favourite stories to share with you, but for now, it's your turn!


Can you share your favourite story with us?

You might want to retell the story using story language such as 'Once upon a time', 'first, then, next and finally' and 'they lived happily ever after'.

You might want to act out the story using your toys from home or by getting the family you live with involved.(Do you live with any budding actors? haha).

You could even make your own puppets using things found around your house and then use them to act out the story.

Ask a grown up to video your story telling/ role playing and add it to your tapestry account for us all to see.


If you need a little help ask your grown up to download the story tales toolkit story telling checklist. Here you will find pictures of the tales toolkit bags used in school to help with your story telling.


We can't wait to see what you come up with. Be creative!

Take care,

Miss Jones.



Tuesday 24th March


Good morning :) 


Today's activity is a math challenge.

Can you create a number line using things you have at home?

With the help of an adult please write numbers on pieces of paper and place them in the correct order. Now, find objects from around the house to match the numbers. For example, on number one you might place one plate, number 2 - two shoes, number 3 - three forks etc.


Nursery - Can you make a number line to 10?

Reception - Can you make a number line to 20?


Make sure you count the objects a second time to check you have the right number of objects.

Have fun and remember to share your numberlines on your own Tapestry account.


Monday 23rd March 


Hello everyone!

As this is your first home learning activity whilst we are social distancing we would like it to be a fun one.

Can you find something inside your house or in your own garden that starts with the letters of the alphabet. Can you find something for every letter of the alphabet?
Make a list of the things you have found.

Reception children - Remember to use your Fred fingers to spell, writing the sounds you can hear in the order you hear them.
Nursery children - Your adults may write the words for you. Can you copy some of the letters/sounds they have written by yourself?

Ask a grown up to take a picture of your list and upload it to your own tapestry account for the grown ups at school to see. You might even want to add some pictures of the things you have found.
We look forward to seeing the interesting things you have found. Have fun!