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Hello, your teachers are going to post daily challenges on this page. If you and your family complete any challenges and you are in Nursery or Reception, please upload a photo onto Tapestry to show us the fantastic learning your are doing at home.

Home learning task. Repeating action patterns. Friday 12/6/20.  


Repeating action patterns are a great way to stay healthy and keep moving. Have a go at these action patterns or have a go at making up your own!

Pattern 1: arms up, arms down, arms up, arms down. Repeat 5 times.

Pattern 2: clap clap, stamp stamp, clap clap, stamp stamp. Repeat 5 times.

Pattern 3: jump jump jump, wiggle, jump jump jump, wiggle. Repeat 5 times.

Pattern 4: head toes, toes head, head toes, toes head. Repeat 5 times.

Explain which action pattern was your favourite and why?

Now it's your turn to create your own action pattern.

Don't forget to share photos or videos of your repeating action patterns with us on tapestry! Enjoy and have fun!



Home learning task. Thursday 11/6/20. Finding patterns.  


We love looking for patterns all around us. It’s amazing how many patterns we can spot around the house, especially in our food!  Look at the patterns inside different foods or objects around your home inside or outside. Can you describe the patterns?  Make your own pattern in a circle or a spiral using different items e.g. buttons, pebbles, leaves, etc.  Or you can draw your very own pattern.


Don’t forget to share your photos and drawings on tapestry!



Home learning task. The tray game.  Wednesday I0/6/20. 


Maths can involve using your memory. Games are a good way to improve your recall of information. Play the 'tray game' to test your memory. Use the instructions below to learn how to play.

Collect between 3-10 small items from around the home and place them on the tray. Start off with 3 or 4 items first of all. Say the name of each item on the tray. Next cover the tray with a tea towel and ask your child to close their eyes. Take one of the items away. Uncover the tray, ask your child to open their eyes and look at the tray. Can your child say which item is missing.

Increase the amount of items on the tray, following the same steps each time.  Enjoy and have fun!



Home learning task. Creating a map. Tuesday 9/6/20. 


Create a map of the different rooms in your house or your garden. Hide an object like a toy or teddy, then mark it on your map with an 'x'. See if someone can find the hidden treasure using your map. Reception try and label your map and Nursery try and write the first sound of the word. 


Don't forget to share your maps on tapestry as we can't wait to see them!




Home learning task. Den making.  Monday 8/6/20. 


Den making is a fantastic way to problem solve, thinking about angles, heights, lengths and shapes. You can build a den indoors or outdoors. You can build a small scale den for your favourite toy or a large scale den for your family.


Don't forget to share your photos on tapestry and have fun!




Friday 22nd May


To keep themselves entertained and to have fun during lockdown lots of people across the world have been recreating famous paintings.

Would you like to join in the fun?


Please use the things found around your home to create a replica of you favourite painting or sculpture. You may want to get all of your family involved in the action too!


 Don't forget to share your wonderful art with us by uploading them to you own tapestry account.


We look forward to seeing them! Keep a look out for staff uploading their own artwork too.


Have fun!  


Thursday 21st May


The past few weeks of lock down lots of you and your families have found a new normal in home learning.

As well as completing learning set from school we know that lots of you have been learning lots of life skills.


Here are some examples of skills you may have developed during home learning:




-setting the table for meals

-making your bed

-feeding a pet

-tying your shoe lace

-fastening your coat by yourself

-dressing yourself

- washing up


We would like you to share your new found skills with us so please let us know what life skills you have learned.

You could even share photographs and videos of you completing these skills. The list above is not exhaustive...if you have learned anything else, not in the list, we want to hear about it to!


Thank you :)


Wednesday 20th May


Today we would like you to create your own riddles.

Please think of an animal or an object and write some clues for us to guess what you are thinking of.


Here is an example...


I am round.

Children like to play with me.

If you throw me up high I will come back down.

I can be bounced.


What am I?

I am a ball.



An adult can help you with the clues but please try to write the words yourself using your Fred fingers to sound out the words.


Tuesday 19th May


Today we could like you to complete the ABC challenge - 'Anything But Clothes'.


Can you create an outfit from things found around your house?

You could wrap a duvet cover around yourself to create a dress or skirt. Why not use bin bags or shopping bags to create a pair of shorts or trousers. You could use tie back from a curtain to create a belt.

Maybe even use a lamp shade as a hat.


 Be creative! 


We can't wait to see your wonderful creations.


Monday 18th May


See what you can do in one minute!


Estimate (have a good guess) how many times you think you will be able to do something then set a timer and try it out. Maybe you could see how many star jumps, hops, sit ups or times you can write your name in a minute.

Can your family members do more or less than you in the time?


Friday 15th May


Today's the day the Teddy bears will have their picnic. Picnic time for everyone...

You could have your picnic inside or outside. You could play some fun party games, sing songs, listen to your favourite music and dance.


Remember to take some photos or videos and put them on tapestry, but most of all enjoy and have fun together!


Thursday 14th May

It's picnic time! On Frida

y your challenge will be to hold a teddy bears picnic. But first you need to .... design and write an invitation to some of your teddy bears, favourite toys and your family members too. Don't forget to write their name, where the picnic will be and what time. 


Remember to share your invitation designs on tapestry!


Wednesday 13th May


Teddy bear or toy sorting and ordering.

For this activity you will need a selection of different teddy bears or toys. You will then need to sort your items, you can do this by size, colour, shape or you could create your own way to sort your items.

With the bears or toys sorted as many ways as possible it’s time to order them – ask the children for ways in which you could order them.

Here are some ideas:

1. size – big to small or size – small to big.

2. colours of the rainbow or colours from dark to light

3. old to new or new to old.


Don't forget to take photo's and share them on tapestry!


Tuesday 12th May


Have you ever played a game of Hot or Cold? You can play this game inside or outside. This game helps children to develop their listening skills in a fun and exciting way.


How to play:

Select one household item for hiding such as a teddy or a toy.


Player 1 (the child) will close their eyes while player 2 (the grown up) hides the item either inside or outside. Once the item is properly hidden, player 1 will search for the item listening to the clues given by player 2. If player 1 is not near the item player 2 will say 'you're cold', if they move further away from the item they will say 'you're colder...'.  But as player 1 gets closer to the item player 2 will say 'getting warmer..', so they will know they are heading in the right direction.  When player 1 is very close to the item player 2 will say 'your hot'.


You can have more than one child searching for the item and you can even have a go at swapping over roles and the children can have a go at giving the hot or cold instructions.

Don't forget to have fun and send in photo's!


Monday 11th May


Indoor or outdoor obstacle course.

Create your very own obstacle course. Creating an obstacle course can be a fun way to use positional and directional language as well as a way to get moving.


You can make an indoor or an outdoor one. Draw a plan before you build it. Describe the route to a grown up or sibling in your house, using the words under, over, through, between, etc. You could even time yourself and others in your house. Who was able to complete the course the quickest? Write down the names and times.


But most of all have fun and don't forget to share your photos and plans on tapestry!

Friday 8th May


VE Day celebrations  Victory in Europe day.

Today we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of the war in Europe. We would like you to remember this very special occasion at home by completing any of the following activities:

-You could make bunting to hang in your home.

-Make and colour in a Union Jack flag.
-Draw and design a commemorative tea cup.
-Dress in red, white or blue clothes.
-Listen to music from the 1940's era and pretend you are at a tea dance.
-If you can you could learn about family members who may have been alive during the time of the war. You might even know someone still with us today who fought in the war, just like veteran Captain Tom Moore, who you might have heard about on the news who turned 100 years old last week!

Remember to cheer and have fun whilst celebrating and stay safe at home. Celebrate inside your home or in your gardens and if you can please share your pictures with us on Tapestry. Please remember to keep to your own garden at a safe distance from others to keep yourself and others safe.



Thursday 7th May


Grow a rainbow!
We have really enjoyed drawing and colouring in wonderful rainbows for our windows over the last few weeks. Today we are going to make a Rainbow with some Rainbow magic. If you do not have a paper clip handy you could use some string or some thread instead. Follow the instructions and have fun!


Wednesday 6th May

Mindfulness activity, being thankful.

Draw a heart that has been split into jigsaw pieces. Think about all the things that you love and are special to you and draw a little picture of them on the jigsaw pieces and colour them in. Put the heart in a special place to remind you of all the wonderful things you are thankful for.


Tuesday 5th May

Nursery rhyme challenge.

Everyone knows and enjoys singing a nursery rhyme. Check your knowledge with these quiz questions!

Nursery children, can you finish the lines from the rhymes?
Reception children, listen to your adult as they read the six questions about the Nursery rhymes. Can you answer them using your rhyme knowledge?  Keep on singing as singing makes us happy! 🎤


Monday 4th May

3D shape challenge.
We see 3D shapes all around us! Go on a shape walk around your home with your adult and find some examples of 3D shaped objects. Nursery children can you find objects that are shaped like cones, cubes, spheres and cylinders?
Reception children can you challenge yourself to find objects that are in the shape of cubes, cylinders, cones, spheres, pyramids, cuboids and prisms?   We look forward to seeing your shape sorting Shape Hunters!


Friday 1st May


Scavenger Hunt – Have a look around your house and see if you can find the items on the scavenger hunt list. Can you find: something blue, something that rolls, something that makes a loud noise, something light, something that makes me feel happy, something smaller than my thumb, something that smells nice, something that makes a scratchy noise, something multi-coloured something that makes a quiet noise, something green, something bigger than your hand.


Thursday 30th April


Science experiment – Does it float or sink?

Fill a large container or the bath with some water. Find some objects around around your house and test to see if they float or sink in the water. Can you record your findings to tell us which objects flat and which objects sink?


Wednesday 29th April


Baking Challenge – can you use any ingredients you have at home to make some cakes? Write out a recipe to tell us what you will need and how to make your cakes. Then have a go at making them. Get an adult to help you measure out all the ingredients.


Tuesday 28th April


Technology Challenge

Go for your daily walk with a grown up and use a camera or phone to take photographs of things you see.  When you get home talk about the photographs you have taken. Which is your favourite photograph and why?


Monday 27th April


Maths challenge – 1 more, 1 less

 Ask your grown-up to tell you a number. Place this number of raisins or cereal pieces on your plate. If your grown-up says ‘one more’, can you add one more and say the number you have? If your grown-up says ‘one less’, can you eat one then count the number you have left?


Friday 24th April


Today, on Tapestry, we are holding our very own EYGT (Early Years’ Got Talent) talent show!

We would love to see you sing, dance, play an instrument, perform a magic trick, gymnastics or any other talent you have!

If you are unable to access tapestry please send your videos and photographs to the office email address so they can be forward to your teachers for them to view. 

Have lots of fun. We look forward to seeing your special talents. 


Thursday 23rd April


Mrs Ritchie is looking for a new house. Can you design and build one for her?

You could use recycling material to junk model one or use construction equipment/toys such as lego. She would like her house to have a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.You may want to add other rooms using your imagination!



Wednesday 22nd April


‘We’re going on a number hunt, we’re going  to catch lots of numbers, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared...’

Please look around your house to see what numbers you can find. 

What is the smallest number you can find? 
What is the biggest number you can find?

Can you put the numbers in order from smallest to biggest?


Tuesday 21st April


I would love you to write a letter to someone you are missing at the moment. It could be a family member, friend or even one of your teachers. 

You could write about why you are missing that person and tell them what you have been doing. 

Don’t forget to share your letters on tapestry. If it’s safe to do so, you could maybe even post the letter to that person. 

Nursery - you could write initial sounds or some of the sounds you have already learnt and don’t forget to write your name at the end!

Reception - you can use your Fred fingers to help you to spell words and don’t forget your capital letters, finger gaps, tall and short letters and full stops/question marks or even exclamation marks!


Monday 20th April


Where is the funniest place you can find to read your favourite book?

It could be somewhere in your house or in your garden.

Buddy and I love to read in the bath!

Don’t forget to share a photo on Tapestry of you reading in your funny place! Grown ups can join in too!


Monday 30th March


Monday- Paper planes  ✈️


Ask a grown up or big brother or sister to show you how to make a paper aeroplane.


Decorate your plane with lots of bright colours then fly it in the hallway or outside. How far does your plane go? Maybe you could have a competition with someone else in your house!


You can measure how far the plane goes using objects (eg the plane goes 5 teddies away), footsteps, strides or use a tape measure


Thursday 26th March


Your teachers are planning a little surprise for tomorrow to get you into that 'Friday feeling'.
Before we reveal all, we need you to do a little job!

Please write an invitation to your favourite teddy/toy or a member of family that lives in your house to invite them to a dance party.

You may even want to create your own party wristbands to gain VIP entry to the special 'party'.
Please keep it safe ready for tomorrow when all will be revealed!
Miss Jones.


Wednesday 25th March


As we know how much you all love listening to stories the grown ups from Nursery and Reception have begun to share daily stories here with you. Over the next few weeks lots of your grown ups from school will choose some of their favourite stories to share with you, but for now, it's your turn!


Can you share your favourite story with us?

You might want to retell the story using story language such as 'Once upon a time', 'first, then, next and finally' and 'they lived happily ever after'.

You might want to act out the story using your toys from home or by getting the family you live with involved.(Do you live with any budding actors? haha).

You could even make your own puppets using things found around your house and then use them to act out the story.

Ask a grown up to video your story telling/ role playing and add it to your tapestry account for us all to see.


If you need a little help ask your grown up to download the story tales toolkit story telling checklist. Here you will find pictures of the tales toolkit bags used in school to help with your story telling.


We can't wait to see what you come up with. Be creative!

Take care,

Miss Jones.



Tuesday 24th March


Good morning :) 


Today's activity is a math challenge.

Can you create a number line using things you have at home?

With the help of an adult please write numbers on pieces of paper and place them in the correct order. Now, find objects from around the house to match the numbers. For example, on number one you might place one plate, number 2 - two shoes, number 3 - three forks etc.


Nursery - Can you make a number line to 10?

Reception - Can you make a number line to 20?


Make sure you count the objects a second time to check you have the right number of objects.

Have fun and remember to share your numberlines on your own Tapestry account.


Monday 23rd March 


Hello everyone!

As this is your first home learning activity whilst we are social distancing we would like it to be a fun one.

Can you find something inside your house or in your own garden that starts with the letters of the alphabet. Can you find something for every letter of the alphabet?
Make a list of the things you have found.

Reception children - Remember to use your Fred fingers to spell, writing the sounds you can hear in the order you hear them.
Nursery children - Your adults may write the words for you. Can you copy some of the letters/sounds they have written by yourself?

Ask a grown up to take a picture of your list and upload it to your own tapestry account for the grown ups at school to see. You might even want to add some pictures of the things you have found.
We look forward to seeing the interesting things you have found. Have fun!