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Walking Water


Walking water

(Ideal for children from Year 1 upwards.)



You will need:

- 3 clear glasses/cups


-2 colours of food colouring such as red and blue

-kitchen roll


What to do:

1. Put your 3 cups on the table and put some water into the two outside cups. 

2. Pour a few drops of food colouring into the cups with water and mix it in.

3. Fold up the kitchen roll in half and then half again lengthways so it has 4 layers in a long, thin piece. Then fold it in half at the middle so that it can be placed half in the cup with water and half in the empty cup (as in the picture above).

4. Leave the cups for a few hours then come back and see what has happened. The science bit:The kitchen roll should absorb the coloured water and as water moves up the paper it will pass down into the empty cup from either side filling it up. Depending on the colours of food colouring used a new colour could be made. If, like above you use red and blue then they will mix to make purple.

Additional task: You could try using seven cups with all three primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to see if you can make all three secondary colours.