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Geography at home

Here are some ideas and suggestions for geography activities that can be done at home for all ages


Weather and clouds

Keep a weather diary for a week, recording the cloud cover, temperature, rainfall and other weather activity. You may want to check a forecast for the week ahead first using an app or website such as Yr, and then compare with the reality with the forecast.


Download a cloudwheel from the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) to help children identify the clouds they are seeing.


Mapping activities


Walking and memory activity

Combine your daily walks with memory and artistic activities. Map your walk, which could be one you recently remember walking, your route to school, from a family holiday. You could also record what you remember seeing on your walk such as physical and human features, geographical vocabulary such as road, building, park, houses. See our school website for key geographical vocabulary in Curriculum/Geography.


Exploring my home

Draw a physical map of your house, street or local area, consider what it is like and how you could change it for the better.


Mapping my home

Design and create a model of the layout (plan view) of your home and think about what you would change if you could. Create a key with symbols and label it.


My room

Create an imaginary landscape in your bedroom and think about what you might find happening across its physical and human elements.


Outside my window

Make detailed observations of what you can ‘see’ every day and what might cause that view to change.


Here are some websites that you can access to enhance your geographical knowledge.



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