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History Overview


At Bowlee Park Primary school we teach history as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our history teaching is planned through topics. We ensure that children are taught a wide range of historical periods as they progress throughout the school, starting with changes in living memory, progressing to learning about events and significant historical figures locally, nationally and then internationally throughout Key Stage One. These will typically be taught through topics such as Seaside Holidays, the Great Fire of London and Communication Now and Then, including significant individuals such as Alexander Graham-Bell and Tim Berners Lee.

In Key Stage Two, the children cover two specific areas: British History which is taught chronologically and a Broader History Study. The British History begins with learning about Stone Age to Iron Age Britain and moves on to the Roman Empire, Anglo Saxons and Vikings; concluding with a topic about the Changing Roles of Women through History, including significant females like Emmaline Pankhurst.

The Broader History Study covers early ancient civilisations Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and then a Non- European study of the Mayan civilisation. These KS2 Topics are carefully selected to fit the year groups so that the children are challenged appropriately and progression takes place from year three to year six.

Historical investigation skills are taught alongside the knowledge, so that children are able to apply these to new learning situations as they arise. We teach and encourage the children to:

  • Observe carefully
  • Ask questions
  • Think critically
  • Examine evidence
  • Compare arguments for and against



Local History Week

As part of our Local History Week, the children of Bowlee Park visited and researched our local area. They  scrutinised maps dating back to the 1800s and  compared these with aerial photographs taken over time. Many classes walked to different areas in our vicinity including Langley, Middleton and Birch-in-Hopwood. The children were able to recognise how areas had changed (linking back to the historical maps), identify features from different periods of time, take part in graveyard studies and identify architecture from Edgar Wood. In class, the children delved further into these studies, discovering more about times gone by and the history of our area. 

Local History Week