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Dissect a Flower

Dissect your own flower to look at the different parts of a flower, which might be hard to picture from a diagram in a book!


You will need 

Any flower with large parts (lily, iris, daffodil, tulip) 

Paper plates or card



Magnifying glass (optional) 



Lay the flower onto a paper plate/ card. Can you identify the different parts and label them? Remember to ask for help with cutting if you need it. 


Root – carries water and nutrients from the soil to the plant and keeps it anchored in the ground.

Petal – often brightly coloured to attract insects

Leaf – uses energy from sunlight to photosynthesise creating oxygen and sugars for the plant to use for energy

Pollen – pollen is a fine powdery substance which contains the male reproductive cells. It is produced by the anthers of seed bearing plants.

Stem – a plant stem transports water and nutrients from the soil to the rest of the plant. The stem supports the leaves and flowers allowing them to be raised above the ground to be in the light.