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Save the Iceberg


Save the iceberg

(Ideal for children from Year 2 upwards.)


You will need:

-6 ice cubes

-a cup

- a range of different materials such as a glass jar, a small towel, foil, plastic bag, some kitchen roll or tissue

-elastic bands


What to do:

1. Put one ice cube in a cup- this one will show how ice melts without anything to protect it. You could ask your child to think about how we can stop the ice melting- Where should we put it? What should we wrap it in?

2. Put one ice cube in the jar with the lid on. Wrap the other four ice cubes in different materials and secure with an elastic band if needed. Put them on a plastic tray and set a timer for 30 minutes. 

3. When the time is up have a look at the ice cubes. Have any of them melted? Compare them to the one in the cup to see if they are bigger or smaller. The science bit: Different materials conduct heat. Foil is good conductor of heat; that is why metal is used in making pans and pots. Fabric isn't a good conductor so we use it for blankets that keep us warm and why the ice cube wrapped in a towel probably melted less that the others.