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Fluffy Snow


Fluffy Snow

(Ideal for children from Year 1 upwards.)


You will need:

- 1 cup corn flour

- 1 cup shaving cream




What to do:

1. Pour the cup of corn flour into a large bowl. 


2. Use a spoon to scoop the shaving cream on top of it. and stir to mix.


3. When the mixture looks like grated cheese, use your hands to squish the mixture even moreuntil it resembles dough.


4. If your mixture is really wet and sticky after mixing, it needs a little more corn flour. If it won’t stick together and falls into pieces, add a little more shaving cream. The science bit: The small pieces of corn flour get mixed into the shaving cream and are held in the tiny bubbles. The tension of the bubbles mean that the particles of corn flour are held in the mixture and create the crumbly texture.

Additional task: You could try adding food colouring to make different coloured dough.