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What’s in the Box?


What’s in the box?

(Ideal for children from Nursery upwards.)


You will need:

-a range of objects to 


-cardboard box



What to do:


1. Get a large cardboard box and cut 2 holes in it big enough to poke your hands through or, if you don’t have a box you could use a blindfold to prevent the child seeing the objects.


2. Gather a group of objects from around the house. Try to pick things that feel quite different for example an orange, a sponge, a peg, playdough, some string.


3. Put your hands through the holes in the box and try to describe the objects then guess whatthey are. The science bit: We have 5 senses that we use to experience the world around us- smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. In this experiment, you are using just one- touch.



Additional task: You could try putting things with different scents in a small pot and guessing what they are by smelling them.