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Skittle Rainbow


Skittle rainbow

(Ideal for children from Nursery upwards.)


You will need:

-a bag of skittles

-warm water

-white plate with a lip around the edge



What to do:

1. Arrange the skittles in a pattern around the edge of the plate. You could try doing alternative colours.


2. Pour a small amount of water in to the middle of the plate, just enough to cover the bottom of all the skittles.


3. Watch and wait and the colour starts to spread from the skittles into the middle of the plate. The science bit: The coloured shell around the skittle is made of sugar, which dissolves or breaks down in water. As the sugar dissolves the colour mixes with the water that is on the plate and goes from where there is a lot (by the sweet) to where there is none (in the middle). 


Additional task: You could try using cold water or hot water to see if it makes a difference to the time it takes for the colour to spread out.